Is YOUR business missing out on the mobile revolution?

Is your website mobile-friendly?

If your website isn't mobile-friendly (known as "responsive") then your business is missing out on a HUGE percent of the market.

Most popular mobile searches

According to Google these are the most popular mobile searches.

The top three are followed closely by Restaurants, Food & Cooking, Finance, Travel, Health & Nutrition and Electronics.

  • Automotive 42%
  • Home & Garden 41%
  • Apparel & Beauty 38%

Web Searches

Devices used to search - PC/laptop 91%, smartphones 80%

Mobile Users

Mobile users grow by approximately 58% every year

Mobile Traffic

56% of Internet traffic is coming from mobile devices


4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop

Responsive vs Non-Responsive

Responsive (or mobile-friendly) means your website looks and functions great on all devices from desktop computer to tablets to smartphones.

Unless your website has been built fairly recently or you had a separate mobile website created, chances are your website is not mobile responsive and looks something like the second image to the right on a smartphone.

If your site isn't mobile-friendly it means it very hard or impossible to read without zooming in and scrolling around. Users are impatient and if a site isn't easy to read and navigate they will move on to a website that gives them the information they want in a way that is easy to read on their mobile device.

This means you are missing out on dozens, if not hundreds, of potential customers each and every month.

Mobile Website Features

Tap to Call

'Tap to call' is a great feature so potential customers can simply tap your phone number to call your business.

Google Maps

Having Google maps built into your mobile site means potential customers can easily get directions to your establishment.

Easy to Read

If your website is responsive then it will be easy to read and navigate for your potential customers.

Mobile Coupons

With a mobile responsive website you can offer coupons or specials to customers using QR codes or links.

Want to see a great example of a mobile responsive website? Simply go to this site ( on your smartphone or tablet.

QR Codes

What are QR codes?

Those pixelated boxes on coupons, advertisements, signs and more are QR codes. And those codes are a great marketing tool. A potential customer simply scans the QR code with their smartphone and it will take them directly to whatever page on your website. It could be for an upcoming sale, new product announcement... whatever you want.

There are many free QR code scanner apps available for Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices.

Scan the QR code to the left to view an example
of how they work

Effective ways to use QR codes for your local business

Offering special deals

One great way to get potential customers to scan your QR code is to offer a special deal via QR code. Link to a coupon or web-only offer and watch the new business roll in.

Showcasing your goods

Do you have a new product or service that you really want to promote? Then use a QR code to take your customer to an online presentation of your product or service.

Social media

There’s no argument that social media marketing is pertinent to the success of your local business. Link a QR code to your social media accounts to increase your followers, and thereby increase your reach and strengthen your Internet presence.

Measuring marketing effectiveness

Using QR codes to market your business offers you a unique opportunity to measure the effectiveness of that marketing. When you use QR codes, it is easy to track turnover rates, so that you can alter your marketing as needed to improve your results.

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